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Dr. Ifeatu Nnebe

Dr. Ifeatu Nnebe
She loves cooking, hiking, and dancing!
My Interests
I have been practicing community dentistry for more than five years. I have a strong interest in public health due to the urgent needs in the communities. This motivated me to pursue dentistry, as I strongly believe that oral health is a precursor to overall health. The dental profession not only allows me to meet new people all the time, but it also gives me the opportunity to help people many times. I get to look upon my patients with pride that I have renewed their confidence and created beautiful smiles.
Education and continuing education
• University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine (DDS) 2014
• University of Ibadan, College of Medicine (BDS) 2005 ​

Continuing education courses are the most effective way I have of remaining at the cutting edge of dentistry, and being able to provide my patients with the latest and best treatment techniques available. It allows me to be energized and excited about the future of my dental profession.

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